Rin Tin Inn Dog Lodge

Dog Daycare

Join our family! Rin Tin Inn Dog Lodge is one of the premier boarding facilities in the Fox Valley.

The outdoor play area here at The Inn is second to none! Built on two acres of a mix of tree-shaded and wide open spaces, there is plenty of room for dogs of all breeds and sizes to run, socialize, relax and explore. With four different fenced in areas, we have the ability to separate groups of dogs based on size, age, temperament and energy level. Staff and dogs are outside as much as possible, weather permitting. Dogs come inside to eat, drink, and rest.

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Rin Tin Inn Dog Lodge
Rin Tin Inn Dog Lodge
Rin Tin Inn Dog Lodge
Rin Tin Inn Dog Lodge
  • Full Day: $25.00
    *Anything over 5 hours
  • Half Day: $18.50
    *5 hours or under
  • ($5 discount for 2nd dog from same family)
  • *Advance 5 day pass: $120.00 ($24 per day)
  • *Advance 10 day pass: $235.00 ($23.50 per day)
  • *Advance 20 day pass: $460.00 ($23 per day)
  • *Half day packages are also available*
  • *Multiple dogs from same family may draw off same package*
  • *Packages are NON REFUNDABLE and expire 1 year after date of purchase*
  • *Dogs must be spayed/neutered by 8 months of age.
  • *Dogs must get along well with other dogs and humans.
  • * Must be current on the 3 following vaccines; Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella. If not current, must have vaccines administered at least 3 days prior to their stay with us. Owner must provide proof of these vaccines by or at time of drop off.
  • *Owner must complete and return enrollment forms by or at time of drop off.
  • *Dogs must undergo an evaluation day prior to attending further services with us. Evaluations are good for 1 year only. If dog does not return for either daycare or boarding within that year, the dog must be re-evaluated.
  • *We provide the necessities such as clean water bowls, food dishes and blankets.
  • * You may bring a lunch &/or treat/snacks for your dog if you wish.
Enrollment Form
Waiver Form